When we step out of our homes, we leave them behind us, don’t we? Similarly, when we step out of god-like condition, we create space. We say that was God, this is us. The moment we say that, God comes into existence but at the same time he becomes our past.

Through meditation, we get rid of this separation to make him become our present.
As long we are separate from God-like condition, God exists for us. Once we return to that condition, God ceases to exist. We become that condition.

When we are at home, do we need to remember we are at home? It is only when we are away from our home, we realize where our home is.

Babuji has very nicely called this God-like condition our original home. We say god-like because in that condition God is still to come into existence. He just remains a possibility. A seed just remains a possibility of becoming a tree until it does not sprout.

So does God if man doesn’t get separated from him. Until then only a God-like condition prevails. In it nothing exists but at the same time everything exists as a possibility.

We are all possibilities in that God-like condition, We created the future to fulfill all of them. Thus we created infinity too. We needed that much time too to fulfill our infinite possibilities. That is how time got created. To become something, you need time. With the introduction of time, the past got created too. That is what you were in the present which has become your past.

In other words, we created the past, the present and the future in the eternal present to fulfill all those possibilities. The eternal present is a condition before space and God came into existence.

In short, we created the whole rigmarole and blame God for our folly of stepping out of the original home.

Tricky isn’t it?