In Hindu philosophy, a ‘Bindu’ has great importance. I think it says everything contracts into a dot and everything emerges from it when it expands. In other words, when matter and energy contract into a dot, there is  so much storage of  energy in limited place that it explodes. Is this a reasonable explanation for the beginning of creation after the big bang?

If yes, then, the expansion of dot could also be the beginning of creation. When you fill air in the balloon, it stretches to accommodate more and more air and finally it bursts. The stretching has made it weaker and weaker. So creation can be the result of contraction as well expansion. But there has to be some space for this process to take place or  for the cycle to complete itself.

Let’s take the example of milk and sugar.

After you put sugar in a glass of milk, it dissolves. After its dissolution, can you say where the sugar is in the milk. It is everywhere in the milk.  Likewise, if you see yourself as a dot in the world/universe, then you are not everywhere in space. You are just somewhere in space.

If only we would stop seeing ourselves as dots in space, we would be everywhere, like the sugar in the milk. If only we stop seeing ourselves as dots, we would not be drawing circles around us to limit ourselves.

If we start travelling away from the our dots without drawing a circle around them, we would never know where to stop. But if we remove the dot in us, there would be no need to travel anywhere. We would be everywhere.

Oh, God, I am going crazy. See, I am trying to limit my thinking process to retain my sanity. That is what we all do, limit ourselves to hang on to our material existence, as a Hindu,  Muslim,  Christian, white, black, beautiful, ugly, happy or unhappy,  rich or poor so on and so forth. We let circumstances and environment  define us and not be who we are i.e., space less space, God, divinity or what have you. We are afraid of oblivion. We are afraid of losing our identities in space less  space. Amen!