When I was living in Chennai Ashram, my roommate was a former Inspector of Income Tax department.

Before he took voluntary retirement more than a decade ago, he was once approached by some businessmen who had come to his house to fix some records in their favour.

He told me that it was the only time he had felt vulnerable enough to accept a bribe. But his wife  had overheard them talking.

After the men left, she told him if he took bribe, she would never speak to him again.

He did not take money.

So the moral of the story is if women want to change the world, their is no choice for them but to become stronger. The reason is men have no reason to change. They already are at the top. All power rests with them.

Women can disturb this equation.

Chariji, once said that history tells us whenever women have been strong, they have held the society and country together. Whenever they have given off themselves easily, the world has gone from bad to worse.

He said also that whenever it was raining and felt lazy not to go and give a sitting, his wife told him to go. So he went.

In other words, women can be good watch dogs for maintaining morals, ethics, honesty and fair play in society.

Will they become?

All I see  is more and more women are  joining the ranks of  corrupt men.  It is of no use saying they are fewer in number as compared to men. Their number is larger -not in relation to men but in comparison to the number of working women.

So the world will not change unless women do. They have to become stronger than usual. Yes, it is like adding more burden to a women’s lot. The harsh reality is men don’t change. It is the women who do.